A couple of months ago, I published the Best Pho in Montreal article where I ranked the top 5 places to go for pho. You’d think that after consuming over 50 bowls in the name of research, I’d be done with pho for a while, wrong. I love pho and I can never get enough […]


The best pho in Montreal. There, I said it. I don’t make proclamations like this lightly. I ate over 50 bowls to bring you the best. When I say something is the best, there is a reason and theory behind it and I take this kind of responsibility seriously. I’ve written about the best pho […]


Dear West island, I know we’ve had our differences in the past, and by differences, I mean me making fun of you for various reasons like, being a baron wasteland of decent food, or acting like the North Korean hermit borough of Montreal for living in a bubble being ruled under the greasy fist of […]


The term “fusion” in the food world has become the ginger buzz-word that no one likes to use or knowledge anymore, instead, choosing words like, “nouveau” or “modern” in its place to rationalize a menu that interweaves two different types of cuisine or to exemplify a chef’s take on a particular food. What I enjoy […]


If there’s one question I’m frequently asked, it would be, “Jay, why you so fly?” But a close second would be, “Jay, why you so fly, and where can I get pork buns?” Made famous by David Chang of Momofuku fame and Eddie Huang of Bao Haus, there hasn’t been many noteworthy places in the […]


I haven’t had a meal like this in a while, probably one of the best in a very long time. I don’t say that lightly. I wholeheartedly mean it. “Enchanted”, “in love”, “food boner”… there aren’t enough adjectives or ways to describe my experience at Le Red Tiger. I’m talking in every sense of the […]


With summer just around the corner, our root vegetable diets will slowly transition to a hot weather menu of all things grilled and boozy. I don’t get much of an appetite when it gets hot… Ok, no, I lied, I’m always hungry, but I know a lot of people who don’t like to eat heavy […]