You know what the best part about food it? Sure, it’s tasty, it’s a basic necessity for living and existing, but it’s so much more powerful than that. Eat something bad and it can fuck up your day (in more ways than one), eat something delicious and you’re thinking about it for weeks, or in […]


I love spicy food; the spicier the better. But I have my limits. I can get down with a spicy Szechuan spicy poached fish with dried chilis and tongue-numbing peppercorns or a head-sweat inducing lamb vindaloo, but I draw the line at novelty chili pepper eating competitions. I like the flavor of chilis and how […]


One of the questions I was asked most growing up was, “Jay, why are you so awesome” followed by a close second, “do you eat general tao chicken and egg rolls everyday?” Being Chinese I was subjected to a barrage of idiotic questions that I attribute to stupidity of adolescence and mild racism. As much […]


On my never-ending quest to find Montreal’s best Pad Thai, I found myself at this place in Ville St-Laurent called Sawadika. Ever since my favourite Thai restaurant closed a while back, it left a Pad Thai void in the city – every Thai restaurant that I’ve been to (so far) has failed in comparison. To […]


You know how you drink hot chocolate in winter to warm up after an hour of digging your car out? What do we do in summer to stay cool? Swim, eat copious amounts of ice cream, stand naked and pose like Captain Morgan in front of a fan after a shower? Try eating spicy southeast […]


One of the least represented cuisines in NDG/Westmount is Thai. Why? A question that will stand the test of time along with “why isn’t there any pho in the area?” and “why is it only here that people feel the entitlement to cross the street diagonally?” along with the classic, “why is there a Lululemon […]

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I’ve always said that the best part about south-east Asia, is not the beaches, the cheap beer, or ladyboys… but the FOOD. This week’s recipe is one that I’ve been working on for a while that even upon the smell of the marinade, throws me back to sweltering nights sitting on the side of the […]