Take out

One of the questions I was asked most growing up was, “Jay, why are you so awesome” followed by a close second, “do you eat general tao chicken and egg rolls everyday?” Being Chinese I was subjected to a barrage of idiotic questions that I attribute to stupidity of adolescence and mild racism. As much […]


I love sandwiches and chances are you do too. If you don’t, then you probably weren’t loved as a child and have now grown up to hate life and sandwiches, because sandwiches are life. I’ll do anything for a really good sandwich and I have. Details of which I will not get into – close […]


Labour day… what does it really mean? People have the day off, procrastinate on the chores they’ve been putting off for the “next long weekend” since Canada day and reschedule for Thanksgiving, catch up on sleep and if you happen to live in Canada, you spell it with a “U”. It always signified the start […]


Pick Picks

August 31, 2009

in Downtown, Reviews

When I first heard about Picks, I was sold the moment I heard about kimchi on a burger. Just the idea of it sounds like it’s either some avant guard chef trying to be cutting edge, or a bunch of guys daring each other while under the influence, or something so simple and honest that […]



March 10, 2009

in Food

I haven’t been feeling well lately, so I will leave you with some pictures of tonight’s take out. Normal foodism will resume within the next few days. So keep reading! It’s my grandmother’s birthday today, so we ordered in and here is some of what we ate! (I stress SOME, we did it big but […]