I don’t have to tell you how much I love Montréal. As much as I bitch about traffic, douchebag drivers, construction, the weather and slow-walkers at Walmart, I love it all. One of the things I love most about Montréal is the food scene; the variety of restaurants, the multitude of boroughs that foster, in […]


I don’t know about you, but when I think of spicy szechuan food, the first thing I think about is the Monkland village in NDG. I mean, fiery dishes that are capable of shutting your body down, pulling every ounce of moisture to bead sweat out of the top of your head to your face […]


I’ve been frequenting this spot for a while now that I’ve been keeping to myself because it’s so strange. Not one of those weird restaurant travel shows kind of strange – but “unique.” This Chinese restaurant is so low key, that you would only know about it if you were actually in Japanese restaurant and […]

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Do you like spicy food? I mean REAL spicy, not that lightweight stuff that comes in a bottle that tickles you tongue. I’m talking the stuff where it feels like someone took a hammer to your pinky finger, a pain… I mean, heat, so intense, your mom feels it, beads of sweat roll off your […]


I met Dan for dinner after work. We headed up to Cote des neiges for “fun pei”. Lao Beijing, which translates to “Old Beijing” is a tiny hole in the wall, family run eatery on Cote des Neiges. Situated on the corner of Dupuis, one street south of Cote St. Catherine, might seem odd for […]