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Top 10 Iconic Montreal Foods

Iconic Montreal Foods

January 24, 2014

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Whether you’re from Montreal or visiting, there are certain things Like Toronto has their overcompensating inferiority complex and Vancouver’s ski slopes and weed, Montreal has a great cast things… delicious things that we are known for. Foods and dishes that are uniquely our own and that we share with the rest of the world, here […]


If you’re a Montrealer and a Montreal who likes to eat, then it’s obvious that you have cherished “go-to” places for certain meals or dishes; whether it be the juiciest gyro with awesome vampire repelling tzatziki sauce, the most decadent slice of chocolate cake, the richest espresso to keep you awake, or the ripest cup […]


So “A” had been planning her trip to Montreal for a couple of weeks now and I was completely psyched and excited to see her. Being away for three years, there’s been a bunch of places that have popped up such as Icehouse, Osteria Venti, and Biarritz, some awesome new joints that I’m pretty sure […]


In preparation to the second edition of the Shut Up and Eat Food Face-off, a while ago, I informally polled both my Facebook page and Twitter and asked you guys which is the “definitive” and your favourite “Montreal smoked meat”. The front runner was obviously the famous mainstay on St. Laurent, Schwartz’s delicatessen, followed by […]