One of the lesser known dim sum dishes, the seaweed roll is often overlooked and neglected by most, then scooped up by dim sum aficionados – don’t be that person!


Get ready; I’m about to unleash some hokey cliché sayings about how the past year has been quite a roller-coaster ride, a leaning experience filled with ups and downs, pumpkin spice and dry rub. 2012 has been an awesome year for Shut Up and Eat – We launched the Eat With Me initiative that takes […]

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So when you think “little Italy”, what do you think of? Old men chilling at the social club nursing cups of coffees all day? Tight white pants and loafers? Awesome farmer’s market? Little old ladies carrying 15 bags of groceries WHILE using a walking cane? WRONG. That’s right my friends, the first thing that should […]


I know fish isn’t for everyone, but you can’t get away from the media brainwashing us with the health benefits of fish as though we’re some fatty-acid deficient zombies. The jingle ladened commercials of my youth never mentioned the Omega-3s that we have become such perverts for – they only preached consuming our strawberries if […]


There’s nothing that pisses my dad off more than the AC NOT being turned on before he gets home, the idiot neighbours who like their park their ugly shitbox in front of our house… and trying to find parking in Chinatown. I have to admit, fighting over parking spots, let alone trying to navigate orange […]


Thanks and welcome to all my new Twitter followers and new “likers” on Facebook. A big shout out to all of you I’ve been talking to this past week. You all are awesome and I’m sure, sexy as hell. Having been opened for a few months so far, if you’ve read my ramblings long enough, […]