I’ve been asked multiple times on my social media and especially during polls on Instagram; where is the best banh mi in Montreal? And it’s always the usual suspects. The weird little shops that sell random sweet treats and sandwiches or the awkward counters inside Asian grocery stores. You know, the ones with aunties slathering […]


I love sandwiches and chances are you do too. If you don’t, then you probably weren’t loved as a child and have now grown up to hate life and sandwiches, because sandwiches are life. I’ll do anything for a really good sandwich and I have. Details of which I will not get into – close […]


I love bread. I once bought a bread maker from Canadian Tire and made all sorts of bread; nutty kinds with different grains and dried fruit, then I went through a vegetable phase and made loaves with zucchini and carrots… for like a week and never touched the thing again. There are things that you […]


Recently I read this article by Buzzfeed about why Americans can’t get poutine right. The author has genius and insightful remarks about how chefs feel the need to class up, “improve” something that doesn’t need improving, and basically try to foodify something that is in most cases, impossible to fetishize. One entry caught my eye […]