I like how when people say that they can eat spicy and how everyone’s spice tolerance lever varies to the pipsqueak tongue tickle that people overreact to and are clambering for a glass of milk, to the fire breathers that use Sriracha as eyedrops while doing splits between two Volvo semi-trucks after snorting a line […]


Whether it be during the holidays, or entertaining guests from out of town, if you admit to it or not, we’ve all be guilty of over eating and all the wonderful stuff that comes with it. The post-glutton depression, the various “sweats” brought on by various meats and that sinking feeling at the bottom of […]


I like any place that has a permanent vinyl sign plastered to their windows indicating that they have air conditioning inside. More appreciated when it’s summer and you’re about to stuff your face with spicy Indian food. With the plethora of Indian restaurants peppering Parc-Ex’s section of Jean Talon, it’s tough to decide where to […]