I love when people let me know of good spots to eat. Be it hole-in-the-wall gems, lesser known eateries, or even up and coming places, I appreciate them all. I’ve said it time and time again, you can walk 15 minutes in any direction in any neighbourhood and find a great place to eat. One […]

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Like everyone else, I usually fail at upholding any kind of new years resolutions after the first 30 days into the new year. But it seems like the ones I’m really good at keeping are, “don’t be a billionaire,” “have really nice running shoes,” and “pick scabs”. Amongst my less traditional resolutions comes the more […]


Ok, tell me if you’ve heard this one… A Jewish guy and a Chinese guy walk into a Kosher-Chinese restaurant and ask the Sri Lankan waiter for chopsticks… wait, you probably never heard of this one, because this is exactly what happened to me. In a culinary world that’s laced with fatty porky goodness and […]


Remember in elementary school everyone had one of those awesome snap bracelets? You know the ones that were made of cheap sheet metal that would eventually cut throughout the rad neon coloured material covering this sharp hazard that ultimately inspired some sort of child safety department in government? I remember kids would walk around with […]