Pulled pork

Hope everyone is recovering from a nice long weekend. What are you thoughts on mobile food? I don’t mean pork chops and chicken wings on that ghetto-rigged contraption you’ve hung above your bed to help you get to sleep at night. I’m talking about food on the go, traveling food, eats that are unstationary. My […]


When I say “pub grub” what do you think of? An old dusty basket packed to the top with gloopy-suaced chicken wings and recycled carrot and celery stick? Fries fried in oil that’s probably as old as the recipe for the stout they have on tap? Now what do you think of when I say […]


Thanks and welcome to all my new Twitter followers and new “likers” on Facebook. A big shout out to all of you I’ve been talking to this past week. You all are awesome and I’m sure, sexy as hell. Having been opened for a few months so far, if you’ve read my ramblings long enough, […]


Autumn in Montreal… it’s 17 degrees and you’re walking around with a jacket and the hot weather lady calls it “chilly”, five months ago, kids would be waiting by the door for these temperatures, itching to get out in tshirts and shorts. I was driving around the other night and couldn’t escape the smell of […]