About a year ago, Michele Forgione of the dynamic duo behind Impasto and GEMA started dropping cryptic Instagram posts eluding to homemade burgers and hot dogs and throwing around the idea of a throwback casse croute headed by Yann Tousignant. Leading his fans and followers on a year-long fast food foreplay session before it was […]


When you think of iconic food from Montreal, what do you think of? Smoked meat, bagels, “steamies”? One of our culinary claims to fame that put our celebrated culinary scene on the map has been garnering international recognition over the past years popping up on menus around the world from England to Hong Kong. Poutine! […]


I’ve often said that poutine is the perfect dish; it encompasses all major food groups: fries, gravy and cheese. With literally hundreds of restaurants that serve our unofficial official dish, poutine alliances in this city run smoked-meat deep. If you ask any true Montrealer where to cop the best poutine, nine times out of 10, […]


Top 10 Iconic Montreal Foods

Iconic Montreal Foods

January 24, 2014

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Whether you’re from Montreal or visiting, there are certain things Like Toronto has their overcompensating inferiority complex and Vancouver’s ski slopes and weed, Montreal has a great cast things… delicious things that we are known for. Foods and dishes that are uniquely our own and that we share with the rest of the world, here […]


So we’re a couple of days into Montreal’s first ever Poutine Week, how is everyone doing? Are you clothes fitting a bit snug, walking a bit slower and glassy-eyed? Has your cognitive decision making been compromised? If you’re like me and pounding down the poutines hard in the name of our national treasure that isn’t […]


I’m not a winter person, but living in a city where winter is a thing that’s six months long – it’s something you have to learn to deal with. I’m not a religious person either, but I’ve found the best thing to do in the winter is pray… and lots of it; and just sit […]


Eating at a bad restaurant is like getting a tattoo when you’re drunk – in the moment it seems like a good idea, you pay, don’t remember what just happened and then wake up regretting it the next morning. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been out to eat, looked at my bill […]