What do you consider a comfort food? What is comfort food? Comfort food is a food or dish that provides the eater a sense of nostalgia that he or she may hold a sentimental value for. Something that transports you back to a specific time and place and evokes warm fuzzy feels the moment it […]


Day or night, summer in the Old Port and Old Montreal is filled with tourists, wedding photo sessions, sun burnt people on duck boats, and first dates. With so many different kinds of people roaming the streets, there are equally as many eateries and restaurants that meet all their gastronomic needs. From snack bars and […]


You know that saying, “dress for the job you want, and not the job you have”? I’ve taken this adage and directed it towards food, “eat where you want to be, and not where you are.” Want to feel like you’re eating at an authentic “dai pai dong” in Hong Kong, hit up Sai Gwan […]


A big think you to all those who voted for CultMTL’s “Best of Montreal“, which saw Shut Up and Eat listed at Montreal’s top 5 Instagram feeds! If you’re not already following me; you can do so here: http://instagram.com/shutupandeatmtl. You are all awesome and terribly good looking…! Being said, there is one popular category on […]


Montreal is undoubtably a multi-cultural city; being able to walk in any direction and see an array of different faces of different ethnic backgrounds is something so underrated in our city. In one of the most culturally diverse neighbourhoods, it goes without saying that Cote des Neiges is the part of the city you want […]


If you grew up in Montreal – or Canada for that matter, did you ever have that uncle who had a dry-bar in the basement? You know what I’m talking about, that bar in the corner of the basement, tiled with black tinted frosted mirrored glass, lined with decorative Niagara Falls collector plates and on […]


Ahhh summertime, the most anticipated of all the “times”, when the days get longer and the skirts get shorter. Having literally felt the weight of Autumn through Spring, it’s great to welcome back the plus 25 degrees and infinite sunshine. I equate the beginning of summer with the return of the token loud and obnoxious […]