Do you like pork buns? Of course you do, they’re all the rage and are so hot right now. If you can’t make it out to your nearest momofuku to cop these really inexpensive porky treats at super inflated prices, I’ve got a solutions for you, make your own! My recipe for braised pork belly […]


This fall season marks the first edition of Chef (and diabolical genius) Martin Picard’s apple harvest season version of his Au Peid de cochon’s Cabane a sucre – which is aptly called “La Cabane aux pommes”. Like geeks flocking to get in line for the newest iBoner gadget, foodies and fans alike, patiently wait for […]


I’m not a big fan of DIY anything let alone when it has anything to do with food. Having to put together my girl’s Ikea closet unit last week, I went through six different tools, an extension cord, two t-shirts and googling the instruction booklet (having ripped it when it got trapped under the stupid […]


I made the mistake of taking the liberty of making one too many jokes in my last post about Laurier Gordon Ramsay. A few of you are new readers and obviously haven’t been reading me long enough to get my sarcastic and sometimes crude sense of humour. So you better start catching up quick, and […]


Have you ever had high expectations of something that was never met? Have you ever bought into the hype? Been a sucker for something that just never delivered? I try not to be influenced by press, and like to make up my own mind and have my own opinions decided by personal experience and interactions. […]


When was the last time you had really good Filipino food? Unless you’re Filipino or have gone to some random potluck, chances are you’ve never had or have just grazed the surface that is Filipino cuisine. If you’ve ever asked yourself why you’ve never had it before, I can tell you why; because of Montreal’s […]

On an early episode once upon a time on a show called Cribs – an over the top look into celebrity homes; Jermain Dupri said you’re not a big dog until you have one of these *unveils a Bentley Continental GT convertible*. This suggest that you haven’t made it into the industry until you had […]