When you go to a place called “Porco”, it goes without saying that you know what you’re in for. It’s obvious enough no? Pork! At Porco in N.D.G, it’s not just any pork. It’s gloriously succulent Italian porchetta – a savoury Italian pork roast heavy in garlic, rosemary, fennel and other aromatic herbs. I’ve had […]


I love sandwiches and chances are you do too. If you don’t, then you probably weren’t loved as a child and have now grown up to hate life and sandwiches, because sandwiches are life. I’ll do anything for a really good sandwich and I have. Details of which I will not get into – close […]


I hit up this small lunch counter in Villeray for what I was expecting to be a regular porchetta sandwich. I was wrong. I’ve had my fair share of porchetta, in a sandwich, on pasta, on pizza, fried rice, dumplings, facial scrubs, everything. I’ve never eaten one that wasn’t great, so even if the notion […]


If you happened to catch my post a couple of weeks ago, Pizzeria GEMA was handing out free pizzas at their shop on the corner of St-Dominique and Dante where hundreds of people showed up to cop a free pie. This event wasn’t to coincide with an opening per se, but it was a chance […]