One of my favourite movie scenes is the famous phone-call scene from “Taken.” It’s when Liam Neeson is talking the hostage takers of his stupid daughter (who literally asked for her ass to be kidnapped) and said, “I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you.” These words stood out […]


Without a doubt, this year’s edition of MTL à Table honestly stretched right across the city. With over 140 restaurants participating in this restaurant week featuring amazing table d’hôte specials at $19, $29 or $39, it’s nearly impossible to find something you don’t like. I had the opportunity to check out one of Montreal’s more […]


You know what’s totally underrated? Tea. Not the ambiguous white pouch of Orange Pekoe that’s haphazardly thrown on the side of a one-cup metal teapot that probably hasn’t been washed since the day it was bought; but proper English tea. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no expect in the fine intricacies of afternoon high tea, […]


There are only a handful of places around the city that serves hot dogs, and serve hot dogs correctly – mustard, relish, onions, coleslaw/sauerkraut and as much as people are going to bitch about it, KETCHUP on the side (I know, hate me for that one.) Montreal hot dog landmarks like Decarie Hot Dog, Montreal […]


Is it just me, or do you become a belligerent five year old when you’re hungry too? When failed attempts of being comforted by others often leave them with scratch marks and an earful of the mean things that people think but don’t actually say? Ok, maybe that’s just me. I’m glad that the restaurants […]

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I try to actively search out places that offer unique dishes and thoughtful mid-morning meals. Too many are the places that serve up griddlecakes that resample rubber mouse pads and overcooked fried eggs encompassed with crispy inedible bits that look like the dry sheets of white glue you let dry on your palm in grade-school. […]


Weekends in the summer comprise of different activities for all kinds of people; hitting up Reno Depot for tile and wallpaper samples for the new home owner, bringing kids to soccer games for young families, or if you’re like me, walk on the bike path along the Lachine canal pissing off roller bladers and cyclists […]