Do you have a go-to spot for fresh pickled herring or mackerel, German butter cheese, rose water-raspberry jam and Russian mint soda? Opposed to your big-box chain grocery stores, I recently found this place on Paré, off Decarie (in the old Paré lanes bowling alley) for eastern-European groceries… but if you’re Eastern-European, then just… your […]


Did you see the recap of September’s edition of Shut Up and Eat with Me at BAXO Cuisine and Bar? Check out the eye candy and read about all the fuckery that transpired here. Make sure you’re at October’s dinner event. Having an extensive restaurant “to try” list is sometimes a bit daunting. Obviously I […]

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So “A” had been planning her trip to Montreal for a couple of weeks now and I was completely psyched and excited to see her. Being away for three years, there’s been a bunch of places that have popped up such as Icehouse, Osteria Venti, and Biarritz, some awesome new joints that I’m pretty sure […]