Every neighbourhood likes to have things to call their own. Like a watering-hole for a casual 5 à 7, maybe a boutique specializing in incense and dream-catchers or even the dep that sells loosies and wine coolers to under age kids. But most importantly, any neighbourhood worth their weight in pot-hole fodder has a local […]

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I stopped by this spot on the Main for brunch a while back. I love the fact that more and more restaurants around Montreal are now offering a brunch service. Our amazing chefs are able to go a little more casual with day time dishes that are often a reflection of the depth of their […]


If you’ve been following me on Twitter lately, you would have noticed the influx of my tweets bitching about how I wanted pizza; and even by that I wouldn’t say it was bitching, more than it was a deep yearning that bordered on obsessive and annoying. Like a 5 month old wants a boob when […]


So As you may or may not know (I’ve announced on the official Facebook page and Twitter) your favourite Montreal restaurant blogger (me, duh) is now writing in parallel and contributing to Tourism Montreal. Check out the “Where to eat/Gastronomy” page and my first article featuring Icehouse and my original review of Icehouse from the […]