Today’s recipe for Thai Kitchen’s Lucky Recipe Search, we’re doing things a little bit different, taking the tastes and flavours of Thai cuisine south-south of the boarder to Mexico to delve into a “Thaiexican” mashup. Mexican food has very distinct flavours that you can almost identify immediately. These tastes and aromas are ones that crave […]


If you know me, then you’ll I’m as Hipster as they come; you can often find me foraging for wild berries and bitters on the north-side of Mount Royal, wheeling up next to the bike bath on my fixie because I’m THAT ironic. But if you really know me well enough, you’d know I’m fluent […]


If you’ve ever been to the Mexican grill chain “chipotle” in the states, you’d know the concept is simple; pick your meat, pick your toppings then try and stay awake after eating an entire burrito. I recently found a Montreal equivalent I’ll be honest with you – I think I fell in love. If you […]


Remember the last time you were in Mexico and grubbing on some really great Mexican food, and you were like, “man, I wish I could get some of this stuff back in Montreal!” But then you were like, “Then I’d have no reason to go anywhere else to eat!”, but then thought, “but if I […]

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Inspired by a nacho and fajita night at home and riding the Mexicano trip, I sought a fix for my craving. I did my research and came upon this little gem in Villeray called Itacate. I was looking for something more authentic than mozzarella cheese and canned salsa on a powdered spiced “taco” that we’ve […]