I’m a changed person. I was never very fond of “brunch”; the term, the ritual, the waking up before the butt-crack of noon on a Sunday. It’s a novel concept, either eating “breakfast foods” late, or eating “lunch foods” earlier under the guise of a compound word that sounds like word you mutter through clenched […]

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In case you’ve been sleeping, Montreal is currently in the thick of Restaurant week aka TasteMTL, where the city is seeing over 100 restaurants offering table d’hôte menus at three extremely friendly prices. Recently voted as one of North America’s Best Food Festivals by Foder’s Travel, this second edition of this eleven day restaurant extravaganza […]


When I was doing the rounds for Poutine Week, I had to opportunity to try some of Montreal’s most creative spin on our favourite dish, the poutine. Some were totally out of control-over the top where you’d be forced to reschedule your next doctor’s appointment in shame and then there were some that bordered on […]


This month’s Shut Up And Eat With Me dinner event was hosted by none other than the amazing Restaurant Biarritz (original review from 2011 here – as the menu is seasonal, some items may have changed). Welcomed by Chef Stephane Bouzaglou and his amazing team, we sat down for what was the start of an […]


I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year and adjusting to writing 2010, I on the other hand was stuck in ’09 for almost a week… kind of like daylight savings time when I usually end up spending half of the first day living an hour in the future. I’ve been […]