Every neighbourhood likes to have things they call their own; the corner deep that’s run by a cute family, the big fat stray cat that everyone seems to feed and that guy who reserves parking spot on the street with a folding chair after digging his car out after a snowstorm. But none of these […]


Restaurants have been becoming more and more brave and creative in concept, from restaurants in Montreal with bacon-centric menus, to places with no menus at all. I recently stopped by Nini Meatball House in St-Henri for (if you couldn’t guess by the name of the place) a meal made up of different kinds of meatballs. […]


You know that feeling when you walk past your favourite restaurant to go eat next-door? You look at it and just stare as a strange feeling of guilt washes over you like you’re cheating on it or something? Smiling faces of servers, stray notes of the familiar playlist that escape through the crack of the […]

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Ever since I started writing this blog, not only have I come to the realization that with great power comes great responsibility, but what exactly these “responsibilities” are. After deep soul searching and internal deliberation, you’d think that my revelation was that I’m providing a venue and medium for overlooked restaurants to finally have a […]