mac and cheese

Everyday when I wake up, I get down on my hands and knees and thank the powers that be that I can eat dairy. Can you imagine a life without ice cream, pizza, poutine or cheeseburgers? I can guarantee that I’d be a lot more unpleasant to be around. I would be way more crankier […]


I’ve been told I’m an open book; I hide nothing from anyone and will not shy away from anything. That being said, yesterday I was caught singing to my jam on the radio while stuck in traffic. When I say caught “singing”, I really mean rocking out and full on playing the air-piano on the […]

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I hit up this spot on the edge of Little Italy that is practically the antithesis of anything related to Italian cuisine… if you don’t count meat-sweats and taking a nap after a big meal. We’re talking about BBQ, and not backyard pits that you nonno tirelessly tends to in between hosing down the driveway […]


Hunger… it’s a funny thing, take cannibalism for example. How bad do things have to be before you decide to eat Steve? I guess desperate times, call for desperate measures… and my desperation led me to the land of the people who don’t stop at stop signs, drive 10 minutes to the nearest grocery store […]

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