When you go to a place called “Porco”, it goes without saying that you know what you’re in for. It’s obvious enough no? Pork! At Porco in N.D.G, it’s not just any pork. It’s gloriously succulent Italian porchetta – a savoury Italian pork roast heavy in garlic, rosemary, fennel and other aromatic herbs. I’ve had […]


I’ve been on the fence about mentioning this place for quite some time now. Why? Because I’m selfish. But luckily for you, I also love sharing great discoveries especially when it comes to food. I’ve been coming to this quaint Italian Bistro in N.D.G. for a while now. I’m confident in saying that it’s probably […]


Every neighbourhood likes to have things to call their own. Like a watering-hole for a casual 5 à 7, maybe a boutique specializing in incense and dream-catchers or even the dep that sells loosies and wine coolers to under age kids. But most importantly, any neighbourhood worth their weight in pot-hole fodder has a local […]

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One of the things I love about writing restaurant reviews are the unsolicited restaurant recommendations I get. Doing what I do, I’m always on the lookout for new restaurants that either appear practically overnight on the restaurant radar or finally getting the opportunity to check out a spot that has been buzzing for a while. […]


You know what kind of food tastes best? The kind that’s simple and honest, like Italian food. Most people don’t want to eat ferns and foams. We need to be done with stuff like hay-smoked dehydrated essence of late winter snow flakes dusted on top of horsehair lichen gelée foraged by blind nuns. How does […]


Montreal’s food scene is vast and it’s undeniable that awesome restaurants fill in all the nook and crannies around the city. Eating out as much as I do, I’m given the opportunity to find and discover some of the unique restaurants that make our city’s restaurant roster so rich. From the Mile-End, to N.D.G, locals […]


Every neighbourhood likes to have things they call their own; the corner deep that’s run by a cute family, the big fat stray cat that everyone seems to feed and that guy who reserves parking spot on the street with a folding chair after digging his car out after a snowstorm. But none of these […]