hot pot

Have you ever been for Chinese hot pot (fondue)? I have fond memories of this Sunday night ritual around our house. Our family crowded around our kitchen table over a boiling pot of simmering aromatic brother sitting on a butane burner. Cooking platefuls of quick cooking ingredients like thinly sliced beef and lamb, to noodles […]

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Growing up in a Chinese home and being sent to school with some sort of funk in my lunch thermos that would permeate the lunch room did not help my popularity in elementary school. Last night’s dinner of braised pork belly with pickled mustard greens over rice would be the only thing on my mind […]


When was the last time you were having shabu shabu and said to yourself, “you know what would be sooo good right now? GOLF!” You’d be surprised at how often that thought would go through my head… that’s if I played golf. And now all of our golf/hot pot gang bang fantasies have been answered. […]


The almighty “Mongolian Hot Pot”, or I like to call it’s literal Chinese translation, “Small Fat Sheep”. This place isn’t one of those nondescript type places nestled away in a back alley in Chinatown that’s only accessible through a curtain down the hall from a mahjong parlor. But it’s the type of place that strengthens […]


So you would think that the snow should let up anytime soon right? Nay, we live in Montreal where the weather is as temperamental as our road rage and as unpredictable and the Habs. So in the plight to stay warm, three of us found our way to Chinatown in search for food. I was […]