I’ll be honest with you; this spot I’m going to talk about has been one of my favourite places. I must admit, I’ve been greedy and selfish to hold back on this one, but I’ve finally come to a decision that it is my duty to share it with you… St. Hubert. Yes, the homegrown […]


Top 5 Sandwich Recipes


January 7, 2013

in Food

If there’s one thing I love most in the world is the sweet sweet sense of comradery when fellow Montreal motorists band together, hold the line and not let that one jerk cut in line in front of queuing cars at a highway exit. Ok, if there’s another thing I love most in the world […]


You’d think that after my big quest to find Montreal’s best Pho, I’d be sick of noodles by now; no, my insatiable thirst for noodles has no bounds. Like girls have a secret stomach for popcorn, chocolate and gossip, I have a secondary backup stomach for noodles, pizza, sushi and fried stuff with cheese. So […]


So As you may or may not know (I’ve announced on the official Facebook page and Twitter) your favourite Montreal restaurant blogger (me, duh) is now writing in parallel and contributing to Tourism Montreal. Check out the “Where to eat/Gastronomy” page and my first article featuring Icehouse and my original review of Icehouse from the […]