I had a friend the other day come up to me and say, “hey did you know it’s only 318 days until Christmas?” … HAD. Are you sick of winter yet? I am. We live in a place where the air literally hurts your face, the fucking AIR. Our winters are long and tedious but […]


Today I’m launching my new series on the blog called “Balcony BBQ” which is – if you couldn’t guess by the name – all about barbecuing on your balcony! Who says you can’t smoke ribs and brisket on your balcony? Ok, maybe my condo association says I can’t, but what do they know? I’m doing […]


I’ll be the first to admit that I love BBQ, grilling up some of God’s tastiest creatures slathered in sauce in great company epitomizes summer. I also like the “idea” of BBQ; blue skies, thermostat at 35 with the humidity but we chose to stand outside in the blistering sun to cook next to a […]


Last month I had the distinct pleasure to interview Chef Natalia Machado for Montreal en Lumiere that was featuring and showcasing her restaurant L’Atelier d’Argentine, about living in Montreal and putting her on the spot of picking the superior bagel; Montreal vs New York. Her spot is a straight up Argentinean style asado, heavy on […]

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If you grew up in Montreal – or Canada for that matter, did you ever have that uncle who had a dry-bar in the basement? You know what I’m talking about, that bar in the corner of the basement, tiled with black tinted frosted mirrored glass, lined with decorative Niagara Falls collector plates and on […]


Ahhh summertime, the most anticipated of all the “times”, when the days get longer and the skirts get shorter. Having literally felt the weight of Autumn through Spring, it’s great to welcome back the plus 25 degrees and infinite sunshine. I equate the beginning of summer with the return of the token loud and obnoxious […]