I don’t know much about Jewish food. I’ll be the first to admit it. I mean, I’ve eaten it but it’s not like I’ve ever studied it or anything. But growing up in Montreal with grandparents who lived in the Mile-End, I can say that I ate my weight in smoked meat, lox, bagels, and […]


I stopped by this spot on the Main for brunch a while back. I love the fact that more and more restaurants around Montreal are now offering a brunch service. Our amazing chefs are able to go a little more casual with day time dishes that are often a reflection of the depth of their […]


Ever since I started writing this blog, not only have I come to the realization that with great power comes great responsibility, but what exactly these “responsibilities” are. After deep soul searching and internal deliberation, you’d think that my revelation was that I’m providing a venue and medium for overlooked restaurants to finally have a […]