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If you’ve read my post for the other week, you’d know I was given the Philips Air Fryer to test out. It’s been a blast trying different recipes to see if the machine really does live up to its claim of “frying” foods with little to no oil. Not only have I recreated some of […]

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Picture it… you’re sitting at your favourite Chinese restaurant and your order arrives at your table. An order that’s wafting with steam that tantalizes senses of tables that line the walkway from the moment the waiter kicks open the dual swinging doors from the kitchen where if you looked at the right moments, you can […]


I feel as though this week’s restaurant review should come with a disclaimer or even a warning. I’ve never “reviewed” a chain before, let alone an American one. The reasons behind that are pretty self explanatory. A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the media opening and tasting to P.F. Chang’s who saw […]


Ok, tell me if you’ve heard this one… A Jewish guy and a Chinese guy walk into a Kosher-Chinese restaurant and ask the Sri Lankan waiter for chopsticks… wait, you probably never heard of this one, because this is exactly what happened to me. In a culinary world that’s laced with fatty porky goodness and […]