When I say “pub grub” what do you think of? An old dusty basket packed to the top with gloopy-suaced chicken wings and recycled carrot and celery stick? Fries fried in oil that’s probably as old as the recipe for the stout they have on tap? Now what do you think of when I say […]


If you’re familiar with Montreal, or Quebec for that matter, you’d know that some of the things that we are most famous for are: failed baseball franchises, squeaky cheese, horse shit on cobble-stoned streets, and Celine Dion – things which some may argue are synonymous with each other. So you would probably be just as […]


The ultimate homage to anyone is to name something after them right? We have several examples of this around the city; Samuel de Champlain: Champlain bridge, Jean de La Fontaine: Parc La Fontaine, but most notably, Monsieur Julep de L’Orange: Orange Julep. Unfortunately when I decided to name the squawking bird that lives in the […]


I once was helping my sister set up a lunch party she was having at her place. There was nothing that would have prepared me for what I was about to witness. As I was bringing in a bowl of salad to the dining room, I stopped frozen in bedazzlement – not in the sense […]

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I’ve noticed that I usually start my posts with some sort of remark about the weather. I find that the weather usually dictates the food that I eat, or at least the mood in which I decide what to eat. On a dreary raining but not raining weekday afternoon in October, a friend and I […]


I’m good. Watching the leaves change color and trying to deny the fact that it will inevitably get colder, I’m trying to cling on any reminisce of summer I can and refute the idea of the imminent winter; kind of like when you start to get that little stuffy feeling in your nose, your throat […]


Why is it that we are most attracted to cooking with fire when it’s already 35 degrees outside? Like the person with the phlegmy cough who always find themselves on the treadmill next to mine; in the summer, I’m drawn to barbecue. Could it be the intoxicating smell of charcoal, or the delicate singe of […]