french toast

I’m in a relationship, a peculiar one. It’s with a seductress, a tramp… and her name is brunch. I like brunch, who doesn’t? This weird weekend ritual where you basically eat breakfast foods at lunch and where having booze with breakfast is ok, but if you do it on a weekday, they say, “Jason, you […]


I stopped by this spot on the Main for brunch a while back. I love the fact that more and more restaurants around Montreal are now offering a brunch service. Our amazing chefs are able to go a little more casual with day time dishes that are often a reflection of the depth of their […]


What are we Montrealers known for, particularly on the weekends? I mean besides hitting up tamtams on the mountain in the summer and spark up a big fat… intellectual discussion on foreign policies and international trade. We love food; and what kind of food? The kind that we break the fast with. Unless you wake […]