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Food Trucks! It all started as a small pilot-project to reintroduce the concept of food trucks and “street food” back to Montreal several years ago. Since then, the project has blossomed into a successful initiative to promote urban development and a touristic expansion throughout the city of Montreal. From a modest handful of gourmet food […]


The Montreal food truck scene started off as a modest pilot project a few years ago with a handful of trucks in less than a handful of locations in the Ville Marie borough. This year, The Cuisine de Rue will again expand their food truck presence by adding even more locations, introducing the mobile yum […]


With the recent expansion of Montreal’s food truck scene including new official sites, added tucks and extended hours, there’s really no excuse to cop some delicious grab from your favourite food truck. Montreal’s official food truck roster includes over 40 different trucks all serving unique menu items by some of the city’s most creative chefs. […]


Last year’s Food truck “festival” returns! What started out as the first official “food truck festival” last year piggy-backed on the Just for Laughs Fest, returns this year under the name “Bouffons Montreal”. Organizers unfortunately did away with the “souk” image; although a rousing success, the romantic illustrated street plans of a curtained and covered […]

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So unless you’ve been living under a rock or in Valleyfield, there isn’t much left to tell you that you don’t already know about the Montreal food truck scene. Trailblazing and forging the way to make serving food from independent proprietors have been the once one and only food truck in montreal Grumman78… I mean […]