I recently hit up Le Poke Bar on Crescent to try out the hottest food trend in United States that has finally arrived on the shores of Montreal; Poke (pronounced Puh-KAY… or Poké ici à Québec.) Poke is a fantastic dish of lightly marinated fish or seafood that’s native to Hawaii. I can paint you […]


I know I’ve made fun of Vegans before on my blog, don’t get me wrong, dietary choices are everyone’s right and freedom of choice and I’m not one to discriminate or judge ANYONE based on what they will or won’t eat… but c’mon… “VEGANS”. Bahahaha, man, I crack myself up sometimes. You can’t blame me […]


Do you have a go-to spot for fresh pickled herring or mackerel, German butter cheese, rose water-raspberry jam and Russian mint soda? Opposed to your big-box chain grocery stores, I recently found this place on Paré, off Decarie (in the old Paré lanes bowling alley) for eastern-European groceries… but if you’re Eastern-European, then just… your […]


One of the things that most of us “downtown” people – you know, people located PAST the Ikea to you West island people – have been saying is that one of the things that your area of town is missing is solid Chinese food. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but whatever […]


I know fish isn’t for everyone, but you can’t get away from the media brainwashing us with the health benefits of fish as though we’re some fatty-acid deficient zombies. The jingle ladened commercials of my youth never mentioned the Omega-3s that we have become such perverts for – they only preached consuming our strawberries if […]


Eating at a bad restaurant is like getting a tattoo when you’re drunk – in the moment it seems like a good idea, you pay, don’t remember what just happened and then wake up regretting it the next morning. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been out to eat, looked at my bill […]


Do you like spicy food? I mean REAL spicy, not that lightweight stuff that comes in a bottle that tickles you tongue. I’m talking the stuff where it feels like someone took a hammer to your pinky finger, a pain… I mean, heat, so intense, your mom feels it, beads of sweat roll off your […]