One of the least represented cuisines in NDG/Westmount is Thai. Why? A question that will stand the test of time along with “why isn’t there any pho in the area?” and “why is it only here that people feel the entitlement to cross the street diagonally?” along with the classic, “why is there a Lululemon […]

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I’ve always said that the best part about south-east Asia, is not the beaches, the cheap beer, or ladyboys… but the FOOD. This week’s recipe is one that I’ve been working on for a while that even upon the smell of the marinade, throws me back to sweltering nights sitting on the side of the […]


When I spent time in Malaysia, there were a few things that I anxiously awaited to greet me in the morning; intense humidity and a bowl of noodles – more specifically, curry laksa. You would think this steamy bowl of spicy curry noodle soup is ideal for the bitter cold of the permafrost tundra during […]

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As a part of the Thai Kitchen Ambassador Recipe Challenge, we were asked to keep in mind the concept of “global mashups” when developing our recipes. The first obvious thing that came to mind was, “gyro-pad-thai-pizza!” But then after I got over my initial excitement of having an excuse to have all of my favourite […]


As I mentioned in a post last week I’ve been chosen as one of seven celebrity bloggers across canada to take part in Thai Kitchen‘s Ambassador search in their “Lucky Recipe Challenge” where we’ve been asked to develop and post seven recipes over the course of a week. Recipes which YOU will be able to […]


So when you think “little Italy”, what do you think of? Old men chilling at the social club nursing cups of coffees all day? Tight white pants and loafers? Awesome farmer’s market? Little old ladies carrying 15 bags of groceries WHILE using a walking cane? WRONG. That’s right my friends, the first thing that should […]


There are two different types of people who eat spicy foods, The “Chiliheads” – people who use Tabasco as eye-drops and Habaneros as breath-mints and the “Part-timers” – the kind of people who are capable of eating spicy foods but suffer certain bodily repercussions of the heat experience. I fall into the second category. I […]