I love when people let me know of good spots to eat. Be it hole-in-the-wall gems, lesser known eateries, or even up and coming places, I appreciate them all. I’ve said it time and time again, you can walk 15 minutes in any direction in any neighbourhood and find a great place to eat. One […]

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What do you consider “street food”? Dirty water street meat from New York? Our version of food trucks that situate themselves in random spots around the city? Or street hawker stalls usually operated by an auntie who’s last fuck she gave was in the late 80s, manipulating a fiery wok and bubbling cauldron wearing flip-flops? […]


Countries in south east asia are relatively small share many common boarders, so it goes without saying that there’s a lot of mingling and sharing of cuisines. Some countries may borrow or appropriate elements from a neighbouring country’s cuisine and incorporate it in their own; unlike how my mother strangely develops a Jamaican accent when […]