I’m not going to beat around the bush and give you some sarcastic recount of a recent brunch experience I had. I went here: Fixe Cafe Bistro for brunch and here is all the information you need: 5985 Saint-Hubert street, 514-270-6667. Stop reading and make your reservations now. I’ll wait. You’ll thank me later. Done? […]


So when can we make brunch an actual “thing”. A thing that doesn’t only exist on weekends or have to involve mimosas and hangover sunglasses. Granted, there are a bunch of places that serve “brunch” throughout the week, but when you live in the suburbs brunch options often suck and are usually crowded with yoga […]


The first review of the year is going to be different and will set the tone of the blog for the new year. With the growing number of restaurants in Montreal, there are bound to be the odd few who will not meet expectations, who will disappoint, drop the ball, be below par, and all […]


What’s the best part about lunch? If you said trying to stay awake in the afternoon after scoffing down your BBQ leftovers from the night before or regretting that extra piece of dessert, then you’re absolutely right! I love finding new places for lunch in Montreal. Places that not only serve unique dishes unto themselves, […]


There’s a long standing statistic that says Montreal has the most cafés per capita in North America, and that we serve the most coffee and warm beverages south of the global 60 degree parallel. Actually, I just made that up because I can’t walk down the street without seeing some sort of cafe that serves […]


Feeling like I’ve just swallowed a starch bomb that will just tick away at my waking consciousness for the rest of the afternoon before I succumb to an afternoon droolfest or fighting off the cobwebs struggling to stay awake after lunch is something I’ve come way too accustomed too. Praying for someone to roll me […]


I’m a realist. I like to keep things open, honest and true. I’m also a sandwich snob – sandwiches are so barebones and simple, that when you fuck it up, you can taste it right away. Many will say that all you have to do is slap some stuff in between some bread and it’s […]

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