cabane a sucre

In theory, we are approaching spring which brings the maple thaw and the subsequent lust we develop for the sweet free flowing liquid gold that is maple syrup. But by the looks of it, that won’t happen until one more heaping dose of powdery white stuff that will or will not paralyze the city. Luckily […]


We’ve had two consecutive days of above zero temperatures and this literal HEATWAVE has finally help release the clutch Montreal has had on Old Man Winter’s nutsack to remind us what sunny skies and warmer forecasts are all about. We Montrealers take this opportunity to shed our winter weight by putting our systems into high […]


We are finally at that time of the year when the spring thaw releases the cold clutch of old man winter’s grip over the city and when we welcome the warm weather by abusing our pancreases into producing more insulin for the litres of maple syrup we ingest. Like clock work, hungry hoards of people […]


If you don’t know by now, when it comes to Sugar Shack season, the hottest seat in town (or 45 mins north of town) is none other than the Cabane à Sucre Au Pied de Cochon; established by none other than the culinary genius behind the Pied De Cochon brand, Chef Martin Picard. Word has […]


This fall season marks the first edition of Chef (and diabolical genius) Martin Picard’s apple harvest season version of his Au Peid de cochon’s Cabane a sucre – which is aptly called “La Cabane aux pommes”. Like geeks flocking to get in line for the newest iBoner gadget, foodies and fans alike, patiently wait for […]