I’ve been a big fan of Blackstrap BBQ and total fan boy of Pitmaster Dylan Kier and have been following his quest for total BBQ domination in the local, provincial, national, international and interstellar BBQ competition circuit. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out that he was opening up another restaurant. His […]


You know what I really love? When I ask people for recommendations for a specific cuisine or dish and my earholes are filed with answers like, “My mom makes THE BEST enchiladas,” or “Oh! There’s a spot in Ville St. Laurent that made THE BEST tacos… but now it’s a Jean Cotu.” So unless you […]

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Thanks and welcome to all my new Twitter followers and new “likers” on Facebook. A big shout out to all of you I’ve been talking to this past week. You all are awesome and I’m sure, sexy as hell. Having been opened for a few months so far, if you’ve read my ramblings long enough, […]