There are a few things in life that I take extremely seriously; family, friends, dental hygiene and barbecue. Friends and family is a given but can you believe that 75%* of the Canadian population suffers some sort of periodontal gum disease? More importantly more than 80%* of all all barbecue aficionados will at one point […]


I’m making my way across the city eating at every barbecue joint in town. Why? Why not? I can never get enough of that tender meat nursed for hours laced with the most delicious smokey blue carcinogens. Barbecue is an art and an underrated one at that. Not to be confused with grilling – cooking […]

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We’ve all done some things in our lives that we’re not proud of right? No, I don’t mean like that; but food related things. Like that time you volunteered for jello wrestling during Frosh week or when you got kicked out of that sushi joint for puking on the table after eating straight wasabi on […]


There’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, something that I’ve wanted to cross off my food list of Montreal; to eat at every single BBQ restaurant in Montreal. When I say BBQ, I’m talking about American, southern BBQ and I don’t mean restaurants that just so happen to serve a random […]

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This week’s review, I wanted to do it old school, and by old school I mean, the kind of school your parents went to… WAY old school, dinosaur school. As restaurants come and go in this city, the ones that stick around for the long run are far and few between. There are certain things […]


I hit up this spot on the edge of Little Italy that is practically the antithesis of anything related to Italian cuisine… if you don’t count meat-sweats and taking a nap after a big meal. We’re talking about BBQ, and not backyard pits that you nonno tirelessly tends to in between hosing down the driveway […]


Look out the window, now look at your watch, is it dark? Look out the window, now back at me, if your watch says 4:30pm but looks like midnight outside, then I’m sorry to say my friends, that winter is near and white stuff is inevitable. And with the cold nip at your nose comes […]