I’m not a big fan of DIY anything let alone when it has anything to do with food. Having to put together my girl’s Ikea closet unit last week, I went through six different tools, an extension cord, two t-shirts and googling the instruction booklet (having ripped it when it got trapped under the stupid […]


“Chic” and “trendy” should not be words that are associated and have nothing to do with burgers – in the end, there’s nothing en vogue about a ground meat rounded and shaped into a disk, cooked with fire and then placed on top of bread. If there is anyone who’s going to make burger hip […]


Happy new year! All the best to all my readers, haters and stalkers, lovers and other strangers. Now that the holiday season is winding down to an end and people are slowly rolling themselves to the gym, back to classes and cold office chairs that smell like the leftover coffee left in your mug from […]


Let it be known, I don’t like soup. Why? I don’t know. I think it comes from when I was a kid and being forced fed soup… murky herbal and medicinal soups that smelled like a mix of the inside of a cedar chest and a damp math textbook. The concept of soup never made […]