My family and I have been making this recipe for who knows how long. I’ve always known it as stir fry beef and it wasn’t until I went out to eat with some non Asian people (who did the ordering) did I find out that our family recipe (or something quite similar) was an actual […]


Beef Offal

Shut Up and Eat - Dim Sum for Dummies - Beef Offal

February 22, 2013

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This dish is one of more unique dishes you can find at a Dim Sum house – beef offal 牛雜 – Comprised of all the best parts of the cow…!


Top 5 Sandwich Recipes


January 7, 2013

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If there’s one thing I love most in the world is the sweet sweet sense of comradery when fellow Montreal motorists band together, hold the line and not let that one jerk cut in line in front of queuing cars at a highway exit. Ok, if there’s another thing I love most in the world […]


You’d think that after my big quest to find Montreal’s best Pho, I’d be sick of noodles by now; no, my insatiable thirst for noodles has no bounds. Like girls have a secret stomach for popcorn, chocolate and gossip, I have a secondary backup stomach for noodles, pizza, sushi and fried stuff with cheese. So […]


Look out the window, now look at your watch, is it dark? Look out the window, now back at me, if your watch says 4:30pm but looks like midnight outside, then I’m sorry to say my friends, that winter is near and white stuff is inevitable. And with the cold nip at your nose comes […]


I’m not a big fan of DIY anything let alone when it has anything to do with food. Having to put together my girl’s Ikea closet unit last week, I went through six different tools, an extension cord, two t-shirts and googling the instruction booklet (having ripped it when it got trapped under the stupid […]


Happy new year! All the best to all my readers, haters and stalkers, lovers and other strangers. Now that the holiday season is winding down to an end and people are slowly rolling themselves to the gym, back to classes and cold office chairs that smell like the leftover coffee left in your mug from […]