Once upon a time I vowed to “not leave one hot pot lid unturned, snail shell unhollowed, or souvlaki foil emptied” and a bunch of other inspiring and ambitious proclamations. And I’ve kept my promise, from the west island, to the east end, Montreal north, to the southwest I’m discovering it all. I don’t often […]


When a restaurant describes themselves as “simply the best Syrian/Armenian food you could ever find in Montreal”, you investigate. Yes, it’s common for restaurants to make grandiose claims for serving the best whatever or being the most authentic such and such, or like when that barbecue place in Laval declared to be the best Southern […]


I love Middle-eastern food. It encompasses a flavour profile of exotic tastes and aroma that entices me. I grew up experiencing all types of Asiatic cuisine, and have only developed an affinity for Middle-Eastern food later in life – only because I was never exposed to it when I was young. My family exploring different […]