all you can eat

Let’s play a quick word association game. Ready? “Dog”. Did you say “cat”? Good job! How about, “day”. Did you say “night”? Wow, you’re good! Here’s another; “Dollar-des-Ormeaux”. Did you say KOREAN BARBECUE?? WOW! You are both good looking and smart! You read that right. Besides not stopping at stop signs, most soccer fields per […]


Do you think you can handle spicy foods? That’s cute, because no, no you can’t. I’ve bragged about it in the past that I can eat spicy foods. When given the chance and am able to choose the level of spiciness in a dish, I’ll forego “very spicy” and ask for “ETHNIC SPICY”. I once […]


I’ve been frequenting this spot for a while now that I’ve been keeping to myself because it’s so strange. Not one of those weird restaurant travel shows kind of strange – but “unique.” This Chinese restaurant is so low key, that you would only know about it if you were actually in Japanese restaurant and […]

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I’ve often said, when something is labeled “All You Can Eat”, it’s a challenge I can never win. I don’t know how much I can eat until I’m there and when I do finally find out, it’s quite the sobering experience. Not only for me, but everyone involved: the restaurant owner, chef, insurance agents and […]


The almighty “Mongolian Hot Pot”, or I like to call it’s literal Chinese translation, “Small Fat Sheep”. This place isn’t one of those nondescript type places nestled away in a back alley in Chinatown that’s only accessible through a curtain down the hall from a mahjong parlor. But it’s the type of place that strengthens […]