I noticed last night at 8:30pm that the sky was almost completely dark… you know what that means… It’s one of my favourite times of the year: ask all the teenagers and pre-teens in you life if they’ve started school yet, or ask when they start or if they’re ready to start school and watch […]


When was the last time you were in the mood for Greek food but were also thinking, “hey you know what would be really good right now? Persian food!” I don’t know about you but when I’m in the middle of shcoffing an all dressed chicken pita, the one thing that’s on my mind is […]


Montreal is YOUR city and it’s time that you explore it, so let Google and Shut Up and Eat help! Shut Up and Eat has partnered with Google to help guide you to the cool, hidden, unique, and most importantly, DELICIOUS things in the world around you!


A friend of mine once asked me for a fried rice recipe and I gave them my trusty chicken fried rice with gai lan recipe. I followed up with them the next day to see how it went and they said it was good, but something was different. They asked me what “gai lan” was […]


A couple of weeks ago, the great people at Lincoln Motors contacted me concerning their reimagine/reinventing campaign around the Lincoln Motor brand to share with Montreal the kind of stuff they’ve been up to. They got in contact to inform me that they were pairing up with three local acclaimed restaurants to host dinner events […]

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There are a few things that Montreal’s take seriously and are passionate about; how much the Toronto Maple Leafs suck, how much Toronto sucks, pot-holes, poutine and smoked meat. When you ask any local about their view on smoked meat, alliances are fierce and lines are drawn thick enough that could tear families apart. There […]


Hunger… it’s a funny thing, take cannibalism for example. How bad do things have to be before you decide to eat Steve? I guess desperate times, call for desperate measures… and my desperation led me to the land of the people who don’t stop at stop signs, drive 10 minutes to the nearest grocery store […]

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