A friend of mine once asked me for a fried rice recipe and I gave them my trusty chicken fried rice with gai lan recipe. I followed up with them the next day to see how it went and they said it was good, but something was different. They asked me what “gai lan” was […]


I’ll be the first to admit that I love BBQ, grilling up some of God’s tastiest creatures slathered in sauce in great company epitomizes summer. I also like the “idea” of BBQ; blue skies, thermostat at 35 with the humidity but we chose to stand outside in the blistering sun to cook next to a […]


Look out the window, now look at your watch, is it dark? Look out the window, now back at me, if your watch says 4:30pm but looks like midnight outside, then I’m sorry to say my friends, that winter is near and white stuff is inevitable. And with the cold nip at your nose comes […]


September 1st through 7th marks the inaugural Montreal’s Burger week – where over twenty restaurants peppered around the city are bound by competition to grill it out to claim Montreal’s “Best Burger”. Fuck your diet because there are vegetarian options on the official roster. There are only two types of people in this world who […]


So As you may or may not know (I’ve announced on the official Facebook page and Twitter) your favourite Montreal restaurant blogger (me, duh) is now writing in parallel and contributing to Tourism Montreal. Check out the “Where to eat/Gastronomy” page and my first article featuring Icehouse and my original review of Icehouse from the […]


When I say “pub grub” what do you think of? An old dusty basket packed to the top with gloopy-suaced chicken wings and recycled carrot and celery stick? Fries fried in oil that’s probably as old as the recipe for the stout they have on tap? Now what do you think of when I say […]


If you’ve been following me on Twitter lately, you were witness to my weather commentary and how it’s been forcing me against my will to remedy my aversion to the grey skies and soggy ground with pho. Sweet, delicious, steamy bowl of Vietnamese noodle soup. My girlfriend (although she doesn’t know we’re actually dating, or […]