Ville St. Laurent

When you think of iconic food from Montreal, what do you think of? Smoked meat, bagels, “steamies”? One of our culinary claims to fame that put our celebrated culinary scene on the map has been garnering international recognition over the past years popping up on menus around the world from England to Hong Kong. Poutine! […]


What’s the one thing that we’ve been seeing popping up all over the city faster than you can say foraged bitters? Hipster bars? No, not that. Random unfounded Montreal “Best of” lists researched via Yelp? No, but yes, that too. What I’m talking about is one of the marquee dishes that put Montreal’s gastronomy scene […]


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A friend of mine once asked me for a fried rice recipe and I gave them my trusty chicken fried rice with gai lan recipe. I followed up with them the next day to see how it went and they said it was good, but something was different. They asked me what “gai lan” was […]