I believe I can speak for everyone when I say that we’ve all celebrated something at a Baton Rouge restaurant at one point in our lives. A birthday, Mother’s or Father’s day, any occasion that was an excuse to dine out in a group, we’ve all done so at a Baton Rouge. I remember, back […]

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Being a home cook, I like to explore the entire culinary landscape whether it be types of cuisine, techniques or using ingredients I may not be familiar with. One of my favourite things to cook is beef. It’s such a versatile ingredient that works well in different recipes from braises and stews, to barbecue to […]


Sometimes I’m fancy, and by “fancy” I mean shower regularly. Other times when I’m fancy it often involves food whether I’m cooking it or eating it. Using terms and phrases like like “vol au vent”, “brunoise” “translucent” and “holy shit that’s hot” will definitely make you feel like you know what you’re talking about and […]


Everyone likes barbecue sauce right? The finishing baste of liquid that is set into your barbecue to impart a highlighting taste and flavour into your meat. It’s also great on almost anything else, from fries and sandwiches to cereal and salads… ok maybe not fries. There are different kinds of barbecue sauce that are specific […]


Let’s face it, we all love to snack. I, myself am a savoury snacker and will often chose salty treats like chips, cheese and crackers, salami, several tacos or an extra large meat lovers pizza over anything sweet when a snack attack strikes. I was recently introduced to this new line of snack crackers Bruschette […]


If you can remember last year around this time, I was chosen as one of seven celebrity bloggers across Canada to take part in Thai Kitchen‘s Ambassador search in their “Lucky Recipe Challenge” where I was asked to develop recipes using some of their products. My recipes included a red curry pulled chicken tacos and […]


As I mentioned earlier last week, a popular Montreal Steakhouse – Vieux-Port Steakhouse recently marked their 31 years in the Montreal restaurant scene with a big bash. Not only to celebrate this notable milestone, but to unveiling their newly renovated space that went through a significant facelift in the recent months. To mark this momentous […]