I love spicy food; the spicier the better. But I have my limits. I can get down with a spicy Szechuan spicy poached fish with dried chilis and tongue-numbing peppercorns or a head-sweat inducing lamb vindaloo, but I draw the line at novelty chili pepper eating competitions. I like the flavor of chilis and how […]


Last week I shared my recipe for Beef and Coriander Dumplings with Spicy Chili Oil as a part of the www.thinkbeef.ca “Rethink Beef Global Recipe Swap Campaign”. Bloggers from across the country swapped original recipes featuring beef to showcase its versatility. The recipes needed to reflect our cultural background, or a culinary adventure. A family […]


I was recently asked by www.thinkbeef.ca to help them show our fellow Canadians how deliciously different, yet uniquely Canadian, our nation’s kitchens are. What makes Canada one of the greatest countries in the world? Besides giving the world hockey and poutine, it’s our multiculturalism and ethnic diversity! It’s in the kitchen, where stories from generations […]

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The holidays are almost here and that can only mean one thing, FOOD! And lots of it! One of the things that I look forward to the most during the holidays is the food. Yeah sure, the people I spend time with are cool too, I guess. If you like to entertain during the holidays […]


There’s no denying the fact that the weather dictates your meals and influences what you eat. Hazy summer days calls for light meals like refreshing salads or meaty burgers cooked on the grill. Cozying up with a hearty stew or Sunday roast is what we have to look forward to when the temperature dips in […]


As you can tell by now, I love Asian food. I love all aspects of Asian cuisine; cooking it, eating it, I’m content with just looking at photos of it. The harmonious blends of complimenting and contrasting flavours is what stands out the most. Regardless of what country any particular dish is from, all areas […]


Summer is synonymous with barbecues and other ultra casual outdoor gatherings. If you’re lucky, an affair where your dining experience consists of damp swimsuits and forced exposure to manky man-feet squeezed into flip-flops that have seen many a pool parties over the years. But this is a small price to pay to enjoy the company […]