Saint Michel

The best pho in Montreal. There, I said it. I don’t make proclamations like this lightly. I ate over 50 bowls to bring you the best. When I say something is the best, there is a reason and theory behind it and I take this kind of responsibility seriously. I’ve written about the best pho […]


You know how you drink hot chocolate in winter to warm up after an hour of digging your car out? What do we do in summer to stay cool? Swim, eat copious amounts of ice cream, stand naked and pose like Captain Morgan in front of a fan after a shower? Try eating spicy southeast […]


Montreal is YOUR city and it’s time that you explore it, so let Google and Shut Up and Eat help! Shut Up and Eat has partnered with Google to help guide you to the cool, hidden, unique, and most importantly, DELICIOUS things in the world around you!


A friend of mine once asked me for a fried rice recipe and I gave them my trusty chicken fried rice with gai lan recipe. I followed up with them the next day to see how it went and they said it was good, but something was different. They asked me what “gai lan” was […]


You know that saying, “dress for the job you want, and not the job you have”? I’ve taken this adage and directed it towards food, “eat where you want to be, and not where you are.” Want to feel like you’re eating at an authentic “dai pai dong” in Hong Kong, hit up Sai Gwan […]


Have you ever been for Chinese hot pot (fondue)? I have fond memories of this Sunday night ritual around our house. Our family crowded around our kitchen table over a boiling pot of simmering aromatic brother sitting on a butane burner. Cooking platefuls of quick cooking ingredients like thinly sliced beef and lamb, to noodles […]

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You know what I really love? When I ask people for recommendations for a specific cuisine or dish and my earholes are filed with answers like, “My mom makes THE BEST enchiladas,” or “Oh! There’s a spot in Ville St. Laurent that made THE BEST tacos… but now it’s a Jean Cotu.” So unless you […]

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