Summer is synonymous with barbecues and other ultra casual outdoor gatherings. If you’re lucky, an affair where your dining experience consists of damp swimsuits and forced exposure to manky man-feet squeezed into flip-flops that have seen many a pool parties over the years. But this is a small price to pay to enjoy the company […]


Being a home cook, I like to explore the entire culinary landscape whether it be types of cuisine, techniques or using ingredients I may not be familiar with. One of my favourite things to cook is beef. It’s such a versatile ingredient that works well in different recipes from braises and stews, to barbecue to […]


Sukiyaki for One – Recipe

Sukiyaki recipe

February 23, 2016

in Food, Recipes

There are particular dishes and meals that I crave at certain times of year; light ceviches and hearty salads in the summer and soul soothing bowls of soup noodles in winter. One of my favourite things to eat when the temperature dips low is hot pot or Asian fondue. A shallow pot filled with flavourful […]


Sometimes I’m fancy, and by “fancy” I mean shower regularly. Other times when I’m fancy it often involves food whether I’m cooking it or eating it. Using terms and phrases like like “vol au vent”, “brunoise” “translucent” and “holy shit that’s hot” will definitely make you feel like you know what you’re talking about and […]


That dreaded time of year is approaching and I can literally feel it in my bones. A cold chill runs down my spine just at the thought of it. The anxiety of knowing that you’re going to have to brave through this just for a little while before it all passes and sunny skies return, […]


Everyone likes barbecue sauce right? The finishing baste of liquid that is set into your barbecue to impart a highlighting taste and flavour into your meat. It’s also great on almost anything else, from fries and sandwiches to cereal and salads… ok maybe not fries. There are different kinds of barbecue sauce that are specific […]


Today I’m launching my new series on the blog called “Balcony BBQ” which is – if you couldn’t guess by the name – all about barbecuing on your balcony! Who says you can’t smoke ribs and brisket on your balcony? Ok, maybe my condo association says I can’t, but what do they know? I’m doing […]