I’m not a philosopher nor theologian but I often like to entertain life’s most thought provoking rhetorical questions; “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” “What’s the sound of one hand clapping?” “Would hipsters exist if the Mild-End didn’t?” I hit up […]


I’m a changed person. I was never very fond of “brunch”; the term, the ritual, the waking up before the butt-crack of noon on a Sunday. It’s a novel concept, either eating “breakfast foods” late, or eating “lunch foods” earlier under the guise of a compound word that sounds like word you mutter through clenched […]

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Montreal is YOUR city and it’s time that you explore it, so let Google and Shut Up and Eat help! Shut Up and Eat has partnered with Google to help guide you to the cool, hidden, unique, and most importantly, DELICIOUS things in the world around you!


If you’re a Montrealer and a Montreal who likes to eat, then it’s obvious that you have cherished “go-to” places for certain meals or dishes; whether it be the juiciest gyro with awesome vampire repelling tzatziki sauce, the most decadent slice of chocolate cake, the richest espresso to keep you awake, or the ripest cup […]


There’s a long standing statistic that says Montreal has the most cafés per capita in North America, and that we serve the most coffee and warm beverages south of the global 60 degree parallel. Actually, I just made that up because I can’t walk down the street without seeing some sort of cafe that serves […]


There’s this saying… “Sex is like cold pizza, even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.” What kind of self-loving forever-alone son of a bitch came up with this garbage? I’m not going to compare cold pizza to getting laid, why? If you’re satisfied lying down next to something cold, ridged, crusty and that was […]


That weekend is upon us where the years of nagging and overbearingness is celebrated and rewarded with bushels of flowers, heartfelt store-bought cards that express everything you want to say but can’t muster up the words in silent shame of not meeting expectations of being a doctor or lawyer having spent hours of being birthed […]