What goes through your mind when you think about the food scene in Outremont? Quiet cafes tucked away on the side streets, little bistros du quartier with casual terrasses that line the sidewalks. Hipster wine bars that serve “small plates to share”? Sure, that, but what if I told you that as of now, you […]


Sometimes I eat vegetables. There I said it. Jokes aside, I enjoy eating healthy. Not only out of necessity (science stipulates certain affects pounding down cheeseburgers and poutines has on the body), but out of choice. As much as I love BBQ, burritos, pizza as the next person, I can’t help but crave something lighter […]


One of the things I love about writing restaurant reviews are the unsolicited restaurant recommendations I get. Doing what I do, I’m always on the lookout for new restaurants that either appear practically overnight on the restaurant radar or finally getting the opportunity to check out a spot that has been buzzing for a while. […]


I love taking takings of my food – which is quite obvious if you follow me on Instagram and because I write this blog. I like to consider myself an amateur food pornographer, if that’s even a thing. It should be, because that’s what I am. If you don’t know what “Food Porn” is Wikipedia […]


If you’re a Montrealer and a Montreal who likes to eat, then it’s obvious that you have cherished “go-to” places for certain meals or dishes; whether it be the juiciest gyro with awesome vampire repelling tzatziki sauce, the most decadent slice of chocolate cake, the richest espresso to keep you awake, or the ripest cup […]


There’s a long standing statistic that says Montreal has the most cafés per capita in North America, and that we serve the most coffee and warm beverages south of the global 60 degree parallel. Actually, I just made that up because I can’t walk down the street without seeing some sort of cafe that serves […]


There’s this saying… “Sex is like cold pizza, even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.” What kind of self-loving forever-alone son of a bitch came up with this garbage? I’m not going to compare cold pizza to getting laid, why? If you’re satisfied lying down next to something cold, ridged, crusty and that was […]